Biological Chemistry !


Course Policies and Grading

Our goal in this course is to provide a solid background in the fundamentals of biological chemistry.

Attendance will be collected but not required.  We encourage a high level of participation in the class and the assigned groups.  Teamwork and problem solving skills essential. 

All deadlines are to be honored and only under extenuating conditions, an extension will be given on request.  Make-up exams will be treated the same way.

All exams will carry equal credit (30 points each) while the assignments (5 points each) and the student presentation (Written+Oral) will carry a credit of 20 points.

Presentation will consist of a written report (10 points) of 15 pages long (including figures, tables, references and double spaced text of font size 12, and 15 minute oral presentation to the class.

Course Links

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Model Exams

Multiple Choice Questions

Course Deadlines Deadlines

Sept 4

Assignment I

Sept 18

Assignment II

Sept 30

Mid-sem Exam

Oct 16

Assignment III

Nov 4

Assignment IV

Nov 18

Oral Presentations

Dec -TBA

Final examination

About the course

Fall 2002

How many credits?

3 credits

Class Meets on

M and W at 12,00 to 1.15 pm, Chem T309


Dr. Challa V. Kumar

Recommended book

Cantor and Schimmel

Office hrs?

Tu and Th 3.30-5.30

Contact info:

860-486-3213 (Office)

860-486-8559 (Lab)

Course Syllabus

DNA Structure



Double Helix

A, B, and C forms



Groove Binders


DNA Cleavers

DNA Delivery

Protein Structure

Amino acids


Alpha Helix

Beta sheets

Tertiary Structure

Enzyme Kinetics

Protein Binders

Protein Scissors

Protein Drugs

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