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Course Policies and Grading

Our goal in this course is to provide a solid background in the fundamentals of thermodynamics, quantum chemistry and chemical dynamics.

Attendance will be collected but not required.  We encourage a high level of participation in the class and the assigned groups.  Teamwork and problem solving skills essential. 

All deadlines are to be honored and only under extenuating conditions, an extension will be given on request.  Make-up exams will be treated the same way.

All exams will carry equal credit (30 points each) while the assignments (5 points each) and the student presentation (Written+oral) will carry a credit of 20 points.

Presentation will consist of a written report (10 points) of 15 pages long (including figures, tables, references and double spaced text of font size 12, and 15 minute oral presentation to the class.

Advanced Physical Chemistry  I - FAll 2008



Lectures 1-26  

Class Notes I  

Class Notes II 

Practice Exam  

Practice Exam II  



Written Report  

Podcasts  Chem_5350_files/Schedule.pdfChem_5350_files/Syllabus.pdfChem_5350_files/Chem393.htmlChem_5350_files/Notes.htmChem_5350_files/NotesII.htmChem_5350_files/PracExam393.pdfChem_5350_files/Chem263.IMidsem.pdfChem_5350_files/Chem263.SelfTests.pdfChem_5350_files/Presentations.htmlChem_5350_files/Wreport393.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/
About the course

Credits 3

Class Meets on

Tu and Th

9.30 to 10.45 am

Chem T215


Dr. Challa V. Kumar

Recommended book

PChem by Silbey and others , 4th Ed.,

Office hrs

Tu and Th 3.30-5.30

Contact info:


860-486-3213 (Office)

860-486-8559 (Lab)

Course Syllabus




Zeroth Law

First Law

2nd Law

3rd Law

Chemical Potential

Chemical Equilibrium


Blackbody radiation

Particle in a box

Hormonic Oscillator

Hydrogen Atom

Rotational Spectroscopy

Vibrational Spectroscopy

Electronic Spectroscopy


Chemical Dynamics

Rate Laws

T-dependence of Rates

Theories of reaction rates

Sunday, August 24, 2008